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Best New Gen Computer Cabinets

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Cooller Master with pure innovative strength, the leader in enthusiast computer components, has unleashed yet another prevailing arsenal to compete in the cabinet chassis segment.

Cooler Master Elite 341 and 342 : These are really nice and small chassis that can be used in offices and home. They feature a front 120mm fan that pulls cool air inside from the front of the cabinet. You can add 2 additional 120mm fans (rear and side).

These cost roughly around Rs: 2500/-

Cooler Master Gladiator 600 : This is a good value for money cabinet, has space for plenty of fans and comes with a 120mm blue LED front fan. Priced at around Rs 3800, its a good pick in this range.

These cost roughly around Rs: 4200/-

Cooler Master 690 2 : This is the newer version of the CM 690, comes with all black interiors among other features. It can accommodate up to 10 fans ! yes, 10 fans !! It has plenty of space for a multi GPU setup too.

These cost roughly around Rs: 4700/-

Cooler Master HAF 922 : This is the cabinet i am using and it is among the best cases in the market. It comes with 2 x 200mm fans (1 top, 1 front LED) and a rear fan. There is a side mesh to and the case can accommodate 4 more fans easily. This is really good air flow.

These cost roughly around Rs: 6500/-

Cooler master HAF 932 : The bigger brother of the HAF 922, comes with 3 HUGE 230mm fans (top, side, front LED) and a rear 140mm fan. Its got really great looks and has awesome performance.

These cost roughly around Rs: 9500/-


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