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Simple CSS for Rounded Corners

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Today I want to talk about how to create that rounded corner look you see popping up all over the internet in all browsers.

Why rounded corners ?
Well like most web design fads it’s a more dynamic and appealing way to server your site’s content up to the user.

Are rounded corners necessary?
Absolutely not, but hey back in the beginning of web development neither was a lot of things such as background colors.

No and I doubt its even the best way, it’s just my technique I like to use. You can find hundreds of other rounded corner tutorials out on the net.Is this the only way to make rounded corners?

Download :


In time this technique will be obsolete due to CSS3 and the ability to create rounded corners with purely CSS. You can use CSS3 techniques today, but unfortunately a few well used (but not so much liked) browsers do not support CSS3 yet.



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